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FF Grade Universal Hydrocarbon Flushing Fluid

Vapor Pressure @ 25°C: 1x10-4 Torr
Viscosity @ 40°C: 26 cSt
Flash Point (COC): 180°C 356°F
Pour Point: -12°C
Specific Gravity @ 22°C: .86 g/ml
FF Grade Flushing Fluid SDS

Flushing fluid for all types of mechanical pumps using hydrocarbon fluids

Brand Equivalents
Inland FF-10, CVP 170, TKO-FF

Why choose VacOil FF Grade Flushing Fluid?

  • VacOil FF Grade of flushing fluid oil is used between oil changes to assist in the internal cleaning of the particles and sludge buildup in the vacuum pump.
  • Its low viscosity helps it free contamination from internal parts allowing it to be flushed from the pump through the drain plug.
  • VacOil FF Grade is compatible for use with all other hydrocarbon oils.
  • Each cap is induction sealed to lock out moisture and contaminants.


VacOil FF Grade Vacuum pump flushing fluid is designed to assist in the internal cleaning of particles and sludge build-up in mechanical vacuum pumps. Using FF Grade Flushing Fluid after changing your oil as part of your regular pump maintenance will ensure your vacuum pump is free of contaminants. Low viscosity helps free contamination from internal parts and discharge it through the drain valve.

VacOil vacuum fluids are superior quality molecularly distilled vacuum pump oils engineered to perform and provide the ultimate protection from wear that causes pump repairs and pump failures. Lab tests reveal superior performance such as viscosity change and sediment weight when tested against competitive brand oils, outlasting and outperforming other vacuum oils.