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EZ Grade Full Synthetic Premium

Vapor Pressure @ 25°C: 1x10-7 Torr
Viscosity @ 40°C: 55 cSt
Fire Point (COC): 268°C 515°F
Flash Point (COC): 305°C 581°F
Pour Point: -54°C
Specific Gravity @ 22°C: .84 g/ml
EZ Grade Vacuum Pump Oil SDS

Nitride deposition
Ion implantation
Plasma etching
Biomedical processes
Leak detection
Freeze drying
Mass spectrometry

Brand Equivalents
Alcatel AE200/A120
Leybold HE200
Inland 20
VWR 20
Varian CS
Stokes V Lube "L"
CMP 20
CVP 200

Why choose VacOil Elite Z Grade?

  • VacOil Elite Z Grade is reliable synthetic Vacuum oil that has been doubled distilled for improved properties. Its vapor pressure is less than 10^-7 torr and is more viscous than 20 grade.
  • VacOil Elite Z Grade is the most expensive of Synthetic Vacuum oils and is recommend when long oil life is desired and to decrease the frequency of oil changes.
  • VacOil Synthetic Vacuum oil is often used in small two stage pumps that tend to run hotter and do not need much oil. It is also highly recommend for use for leak detector vacuum pumps.
  • VacOil Elite Z Grade is more resistant to water and chemical attack and is recommended for use with higher temperatures.
  • Each cap is induction sealed to lock out moisture and contaminants.


Double distilled to exhibit the highest performance for mechanical pumps, VacOil EZ Grade is a full synthetic hydrocarbon vacuum fluid that is very resistant to thermal and chemical attack and provides longer oil life and superior protection to the vacuum pump.

VacOil Synthetic Vacuum pump oil are superior quality molecularly distilled vacuum pump oils engineered to perform and provide the ultimate protection from wear that causes pump repairs and pump failures. Lab tests reveal superior performance such as viscosity change and sediment weight when tested against competitive brand oils, outlasting and outperforming other vacuum oils.