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Oil-Less Compressors

Air Purity is critical in some applications including, industrial, automotive, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, research & development, and more. In the applications even the smallest amount of oil can cause product spoilage or damage equipment. FLUIDX is an official distributor of Anest Iwata products including oil-less compressors. Anest Iwata manufactures oil-less scroll and reciprocating air compressors from 1-40 HP, available in different configurations with various options tailored to your application. Below are the different compressor configurations.


  • Ultra quiet operation (51-67 dB)
  • Clean, 100% oil free air; No oil maintenance required, no oil drain
  • Built-in intercooling
  • Hour of operation display
  • Very few maintenance intervals


  • Basemount, open or enclosure type
  • .3 micron filter
  • Bekomat Membrane Dryer or Refrigerated Dryer
  • Auto-drain sensor (Already included with Refrigerated Dryer)


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