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20 Grade Standard Ultra

Vapor Pressure @ 25°C: <1x10-6  Torr
Viscosity @ 40°C: 60 cSt
Fire Point: (COC): 245°C 473°F
Flash Point: (COC): 271°C 520°F
Pour Point: -15°C
Specific Gravity @ 22°C: .869 g/ml
20 Grade Vacuum Pump Oil SDS

Diffusion pumps
Direct drive rotary vane pumps
Optical and decorative coatings
Leak detection
Freeze drying
Mass spectrometry

Brand Equivalents
Alcatel AE200/A120
Leybold HE200
Inland 20
VWR 20
Varian CS
Stokes V Lube "L"
CMP 20
CVP 200

Why choose 20 Grade vacuum pump oil?

  • VacOil 20 Grade is a upgraded oil vs the 19 grade and is also used in all two stage oil sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps.
  • VacOil 20 Grade has a vapor pressure of less than 10^-6 torr vs 10^-5 torr for 19 grade and is slightly more viscous and more stable than 19 grade oil.
  • VacOil 20 Grade is used to get better resistance to water and chemical attack and to decrease the frequency of oil changes.
  • Each cap is induction sealed to lock out moisture and contaminants.
  • VacOil recommends that you change your vacuum pump oil at least every 3 months to prolong the life of your vacuum pump.


VacOil 20 Grade is a severely hydro-treated paraffinic oil that is double distilled through a molecular distillation process to remove light end fractions. Unique in comparison to competitive oils, VacOil 20 Grade is highly saturated and contains less than 0.01% sulfur similar to technical white oils. Its high molecular weight and viscosity index provides longer service life and reduced build up of varnish and carbonized oil on the internal pump components. VacOil Grade 20 vacuum pump oil is ideal for rotary vane pumps and high vacuum blowers, and eliminates cross contamination when used in mechanical and diffusion pumps. 

VacOil vacuum fluids are superior quality molecularly distilled vacuum pump oils engineered to perform and provide the ultimate protection from wear that causes pump repairs and pump failures. Lab tests reveal superior performance such as viscosity change and sediment weight when tested against competitive brand oils, outlasting and outperforming other vacuum oils.