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Chemical Gear Pumps

FLUIDX offers the broad line of Liquiflo chemical processing gear pumps. Liquiflo gear pumps are manufactured from high-alloy materials such as 316 Stainless Steel, Alloy-C and Titanium, and a variety of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant internal materials.

Liquiflo produces six separate series of gear pumps: H-Series, 3-Series, Poly-Guard® or P-Series, Max®-Series, 4-Series and 2-Series. Each series includes several models in order to suit your particular flow rate.

H-Series | Heavy Duty Industrial Gear Pump

The H-Series Gear Pumps were designed as an upgrade to Liquiflo's original 3-Series. With similar outside dimensions and capacities, the H-Series incorporates larger diameter shafts and bearings, allowing them to handle higher pressures with extended service life. H-Series pumps are available in Sealed and Mag-Drive versions with flows up to approximately 55 GPM and differential pressures up to 225 PSI with 300 PSI possible on some models.

3-Series | Standard Duty Gear Pump

Liquiflo's original 3-Series Gear Pumps are available in Sealed and Mag Drive versions with flows up to approximately 55 GPM and differential pressures up to 100 PSI.

Max-Series | High Pressure Gear Pump

The Max® Series Gear Pumps feature helical gears and relieved wear plates for smoother and quieter operation and intrinsic reduction of gear separation forces. Their unique and durable design will ensure extended life in high pressure pumping applications

P-SERIES | Fluoropolymer-Lined Stainless Steel Gear Pump

The Poly-Guard® Series Gear Pumps were designed to handle the most corrosive chemicals, such as inorganic acids, alkalis and salts. All internal components and surfaces are non-metallic, which makes the Poly-Guard pump an excellent choice for high-purity services.

4-Series | Low Flow Gear Pump

The 4-Series Gear Pumps were designed for OEM applications such as chemical feed systems. These pumps have a large selection of materials to cover a wide variety of chemical processing applications. A unique feature of the 4-Series pump is its parallel port connections located on the front of the pump.

2-Series | Ultra Low Flow Gear Pump

The 2-Series Gear Pumps were designed for low flow applications. Their compact and rugged design makes them ideal for many applications, including chemical dosing and metering, pipeline sampling and wastewater treatment.

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