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FLUIDX is a leading distributor of Vacuum Pumps, Vacuum Accessories, Vacuum Leak Testing Equipment, Positive Displacement Liquid Pumps, and Filtration Products. We also maintain a factory trained and experienced Service Department to meet your repair requirements. Focused on service and quality, our goal is to be the premier provider of these products to our customers.


Buying a new vacuum pump has never been easier. Choose from a variety of proven vacuum pumps, pre-configured accessory bundles or a complete professional package. We provide innovative solutions for those who use vacuum pumps in laboratory and analytical markets.


Our VacOil brand was created to consolidate the many different grades of oil for the vacuum pump industry. Thousands of customers and businesses use VacOil as their source for high quality oil that has been properly created for a wide variety of vacuum pumps and sold at a price that is more affordable than manufacturer brands. With our experience and history you can be confident you are getting the best value.

Portable Leak Detectors™

Unlike large plumbing leaks, some leaks are very small and difficult to detect. Nevertheless these small leaks can be detrimental to the performance and integrity of your business. Our scientific experience led us to create Portable Leak Detectors as a place to rent or purchase handheld detectors that are accurate and non-invasive. Our website offers a variety of portable leak detector options that either gas specific or calibrated to detect several gas types. Each detector is small and portable making them perfect for difficult to reach area, underground or in a laboratory environment.