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    Our VacOil brand was created to consolidate the many different grades of oil for the vacuum pump industry. Not every oil is the same. In fact, many vacuum pump oils are double-distilled to achieve desirable tolerances of vapor pressure and performance. 

    Thousands of customers and businesses use VacOil as their source for high quality oil that has been properly created for a wide variety of vacuum pumps and sold at a price that is more affordable than manufacturer brands. With our experience and history with our oil you can be confident you are getting the best value.

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    Unlike large plumbing leaks, some leaks are very small and difficult to detect. Nevertheless these small leaks can be detrimental to the performance and integrity of your business. Our scientific experience led us to create Portable Leak Detectors as a place to rent or purchase handheld detectors that are accurate and non-invasive.  

    Our website offers a variety of portable leak detector options that either gas specific or calibrated to detect several gas types. Each detector is small and portable making them perfect for difficult to reach area, underground or in a laboratory environment.

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    Vacuum fittings are specialized and can not be purchased in a hardware store. They are uniquely designed for vacuum applications which require a high degree of engineering and finishing to assure a proper fit. We have in stock a large selection of fittings, traps and filters to accessorize any vacuum project. 

    Our high quality fittings have been carefully sourced and are affordably priced. Visit our store to view our products or contact us direct for custom accessories. 

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