How to Minimize Oil Backstreaming in Mechanical Vacuum Pumps?

Posted by FLUIDX on 22nd Mar 2022

What is Backstreaming?

To stop oil backstreaming in your vacuum pump system we first need to understand how it happens. Backstreaming occurs when the oil vapor flows from the mechanical pump into the vacuum system. This can contaminate your process or product, result in unwanted downtime and can be an expensive repair.

Factors That Can Result in Backstreaming:

  • Operating vacuum pump continuously at deep vacuum levels (near base pressure of the pump)
  • Using low-grade vacuum pump oils
  • Not changing contaminated oil
  • High pump operating temperatures

How to Prevent Backstreaming?

Here are a few ways to effectively stop backstreaming:

  1. Molecular sieve or coaxial traps installed between the pump and the chamber
  2. Using higher grade oil
  3. Keep oil fresh and clean by changing regularly (oil vapor pressure)
  4. Do not operate mechanical pumps continuously at low pressures if possible
  5. Ensure proper cooling around the vacuum pump