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Pump Repair Procedure


If you have a Vacuum Pump that needs repair

Download the Pump RMA Form

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1. Tear down and inspection

  • Tear pump completely down and inspect all items for wear, including motor and motor bearings (if applicable), and coupling and spider coupling (if applicable).
  • Check tolerances against factory standards on parts as needed.


2. Thorough cleaning and degreasing

  • Clean parts in a solvent parts bath washer.
  • Hot water and soap bath to remove any remaining contaminates.
  • Dry all parts.
  • Sandblast (if needed)


3. Assembly

  • Pump assembled with appropriate parts to return pump to factory specifications.
  • New parts integrated if more than repair kit parts are needed to bring pump to factory specifications (if authorized by customer).


4. Test Procedure

  • Test vacuum pump on a test chamber (if applicable) to determine proper function and capabilities as tdo pump cfm and vacuum performance in relationship to factory specifications.
  • Perform vacuum blankoff test with a calibrated vacuum gauge to verify that vacuum level (for 2 stage pumps) is less then 10 microns.
  • Check anti-suck back valve during burn in period and once overnight with pump not running to verify that it is completely functional (if applicable).
  • Allow pump to run (burn in) for 8 hours.


5. Deliverables

  • Pump is wire tagged with a label indicating model #, vacuum level, repair date, and oil type.
  • Certificate detailing work performed on the pump and pump down graph of cfm and vacuum level.
  • Pump is filled with appropriate vacuum pump oil (if applicable).
  • Plastic protection caps installed on inlet and outlet ports for contaminant protection.
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